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List of Works

The List of works is a program developed by the Library and provides the complete list of works of selected composers by means of an online software.

By selecting the suitable criteria (keywords), you can find data about the work(s) in which you are interested. For example, you can easily find which works Mozart composed during the last year of his life.

The database is continuously enriched by additional lists of composers' works. You will find already 143 composers and 36.365 works out of which you can select the ones you want by using the suitable criteria.

E.g., 06/19/2024
E.g., 06/19/2024
Searching tips:
  • Select a keyword by clicking inside the box or on the arrow. 
  • Capital letters, accents and truncation do not affect the search
  • Switch between Latin/Greek alphabet by pressing left Alt+Shift.