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My galaxy: Mikis Theodorakis

The exhibition "My Galaxy: Mikis Theodorakis" was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports in collaboration with the Megaron the Athens Concert Hall and the Music Library "Lilian Voudouri" of the Friends of Music Society in order to celebrate the 95th birthday of Mikis Theodorakis.

The Music Library designed and presented the exhibition out of great appreciation to the trust that the composer showed to the newly established Library, by donating to it his archive in 1997.

Unfortunately, covid restrictions not only postponed the opening of the exhibition until June 2021, but also made the physical presence of the composer impossible. Mikis Theodorakis, however, was constantly present, because the exhibition is structured in such a way that the visitor feels the composer himself talking about his life and work throughout the visit.

After its closure in December 2021, we felt it was necessary to transfer the exhibition in digital form, so that all those who loved Mikis Theodorakis, around the world can admire the valuable documents of his archive.

We are pleased and thankful that Strecker Stiftung shared our vision and exclusively sponsored this project.


Stephanie Merakos, musicologist
Head of the Music Library of Greece "Lilian Voudouri"


Valia Vraka, musicologist
Greek Music Archive Manager at the Music Library of Greece "Lilian Voudouri"

Exhibition design:
Erato Koutsoudaki, architect-museologist

Stephanie Merakos, musicologist, director of the Music Library "Lillian Voudouri" and
Valia Vraka, musicologist, head of the Greek Music Archive of the "Lillian Voudouri" Music Library of the Friends of Music Society

Exhibition management:
Alexandros Charkiolakis, director The Friends of Music Society


"The first and most comprehensive exhibition of the entire Galaxy: all autographs, pictures, sound and image documents, reports, and other documents from the 96-year life of Mikis Theodorakis.

The exhibition is divided into 16 periods of the life of one of the most versatile artists, musicians, composers, party leaders, politicians, and peacemakers.

Theodorakis embodies like no other not only the Greek element, but he is also the voice of Greece. His music is the music of his country distilled and recreated from the great history of his country. He represents European history as it were from the living pulse of the last hundred years."

Dr. Peter Hanser-Strecker
Strecker Stiftung


Digital exhibition sponsor