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Library regulation

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All patrons are requested to leave their briefcases, handbags, etc. in the lockers provided for this purpose at the entrance of the library. Patrons are solely responsible for their personal property while at the library. Library staff are happy to help all visitors with using our services and collections. The online catalogue is the main tool for searching for material that is available at the Library.

The majority of Library material is located at the closed Bookstacks section. This material is brought to readers upon submitting an order form at the Circulation Desk.
Requests for items located at the Bookstacks are made at the Circulation Desk in a printout of the relevant title(s) found on the catalogue. These items are delivered by staff every 30 minutes. Patrons have to make their requests in time, before the following hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 15:00, 15:30, and 16:00. Wednesday: as above, and also 16:30, 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, and 18:30.
Patrons are allowed to check out up to 5 Bookstacks items at a time, so that better services can be provided to all. Items coming from the Bookstacks must be returned to the Circulation Desk, where they can be reserved by patrons for up to 5 days.
Reference books and scores which are located at the Reading Rooms can be used without submitting an order form.

Patrons must use the Library material with great care. In the unfortunate event of loss of an item, or damage of an item, the borrower must replace it or pay for its repurchase. If the item is out of print, the borrower must bring another title of similar content, as indicated by the Library, or pay to the Library the current price of the title. In any case, she/he is charged with 20% of the price of the item, for the cataloguing process required.
Library material must be returned to the Circulation Desk in its initial condition.

Special or rare material may be used for research purposes only and on approval of a special application. Forms are available at the Circulation Desk.
Depending on the number of visitors, the Library may be obliged at certain times to limit the amount of time, during which a patron may use its audio-visual and electronic resources, in order to ensure that all patrons receive fair treatment.

Piano and study rooms must be reserved in advance.
Smoking and the consumption of food and beverages are strictly prohibited.
Mobile phones must be switched off or on silent mode.

A machine is available at the Library for self-service photocopying of books or scores. The machine must be used in accordance with the provisions of the Greek Law on copyright and the protection of literary and artistic property and may not be used for the production of multiple copies of publications protected under copyright. Prepayment is required by means of cards purchased at the Circulation Desk. Copies are made in size A4 and cost €0,08 each (Reproduction pricelist).

According to the provisions of the Law, reproduction of both brief excerpts of published works and of articles published in newspapers or periodicals is permitted for private use and for research, scientific and educational purposes. Under no circumstances can the part of a work reproduced through photocopying exceed in size 20% of the work’s total length and, in any case, a total of 10 pages of a volume. The same applies to printouts from the computers and the microfilm/microfiche reader of the library. Electronic resources are exempted. 

The Law gives the Library the right to deny a request for the reproduction of Library material, if it does not comply with the provisions of the law or the rules of the library. 

The reproduction of sound recordings and audio-visual material of the Library by whatever means is prohibited by the Law.
The use of photographic, cinematographic, video-recording, sound-recording or other reproduction devices is prohibited on library premises without the library’s prior written consent.