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Europeana or the European Digital Library provides access to more than 50 million digitized objects such as books, music, works of art and more, from libraries, archives, museums and cultural institutions of the Member States of the European Union.

The Music Library of Greece "Lilian Voudouri"  has participated in this European action early on, giving access to more than 330,000 records from its collections, which had already begun digitizing since 2005.

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Europeana Sounds

In February 2014, the Europeana Sounds program was launched to collect and give online access to over 540,000 high-quality recordings now available through the Europeana Europeana Cultural Portal.

The Music Library of Greece "Lilian Voudouri" of the Friends of Music Society enriched the program's content with 9,000 records from the rich musical tradition of Greece.

The audio material collected by the program reflects the diversity of culture, history, language and creativity of Europe over the past 130 years.

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In March 2015, the Music Library of Greece "Lilian Voudouri" of the Friends of the Society began the collaboration with the EUscreenXL Program. The EUscreen digital collection offers free online access to thousands of cultural heritage items related to social, cultural, political and economic events that have shaped to a large extent both the 20th and the 21st century. The participation of the Library was carried out with the contribution of 15.000 items from its collection.

This rich collection of 15,000 files contains 5,000 images, 5,000 music tracks and 5,000 videos. The material in its entirety was collected via a research program conducted in the regions of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

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